CincySCCA Point Event #3 @ Wilmington Lot

Cincinnati SCCA held Point Event #3 @ Wilmington Lot.

The course was very long and fast, and very difficult to figure out some of the elements for me. I ended up mid-pack, but there are a lot of area where I could shave some time. Also, after the event, I learned that I could drop the tire pressure down to 32PSI front and 28 PSI rear without rolling tires. (I have 205-50-15 Bridgestone RE71R on 15×6). This immediately dropped my time to 56.175 even with some screw up on back sweeper. I felt the rear tires became very stable, and I could brake later, and accelerate out earlier. Thanks Tom!

Anyhow, Here’s my runs. My best was the 4th run with 56.901


Run 1,2,3,and 5

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