OVR SCCA Rallycross, PE9 @ Bitzer's Farm

The dumbest best idea I had this idea.

Take my autocross setup RX-8 to a rallycross event!!!
yeah, I actually did it… and I can’t believe I did. I want to say thanks to Scott for inviting me to OVR’s last rallycross event of the year.

I did complete the event without breaking anything to my surprise, especially my ground clearance is at most half of what other cars’, and yeah, the car was totally setup to drive fast on smooth road like ah, parking lot!


Anyhow, it was a lot of fun, and I’m so glad I did it. It was something I really wanted to try, and now I learned how difficult the sport is, and how different from autocross. My result was terrible, but I could already see how I could improve when I go back for another event. The driving style is totally different between two sports, but the skill I learn in either style would be very useful in both.

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