2016 Wilmington Summer ProSolo

Cincinnati SCCA Welcomed our 3rd National Event of the season, Wilmington Summer ProSolo.

I was entered into the event at the last minutes, and I wasn’t fully ready for it (especially mentally), but had so much fun!
This was my second ProSolo, and the different, more tense air of national event with very fast pace Pro Format is something I love but also hate at the same time… I felt rushed through out the event, and handling the pressure is one of the thing that I need to learn if I want to be any more competitive in the future.

Anyhow, the timing was having quite a bit of issue through out the weekend, and as a result, my “Official” result does not reflect my “Actual” result… Since I wasn’t really competing in top positions, nor my actual time changes any order of the position at the end of the day, They decided just leave it… There were more important people whose time has to be fixed before mine.

The video reflect my actual time, 72.052 on left and 72.050 on right, that puts me at 9th out of 11 entry for ES. It’s not anywhere near the “competitive” position, but it’s still better than my first event, DFL, where I earned my membership to the “DFL Racing”

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