CincySCCA PE4 @ Traders World

Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted their Point Event #4 at Traders World.

Weather was amazing, and we had 140 entries and got 5 runs each! The course was a very good mix of Miata Elements and Corvette Elements; 7 cone slalom, 4 wall wall-lom for Miata’s, and 4 hairpins for Corvettes and Subarus. I truly loved the course even though it was a challenge for me all day. Ended up 6th out of very competitive 24 entry for Street Open.

I had a luxury of having great co-driver this event, and I stole a lot from his driving… Without that I don’t think I could hang in the trophy position…

Anyhow, here’s my best run 46.324, and then Comparison of me vs my co-driver. to my surprise, I was hanging in just a tad behind him till last two hairpins. I need to learn how to handle those slow corners without killing my rpm too bad… and finally the comparison of my last two runs. one with better scratch time of 46.038.

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