2018 CincySCCA PE3 @ Traders World

Cincinnati Region SCCA Hosted two day autocross event @ Traders world

Day 1 (Saturday): MVSCC PE3 / SDAC / CincySCCA Joint Event.

Weather held up and it ended up pretty decent day.
In 22 car deep NASA-X-E class, my SCCA ES Miata was under-prepped, but managed to finish in mid pack 9th.
Note to myself: I have to spray the tires! Car was getting greasy toward the end of my runs, ended spinning out on my last two runs!

Day 2 (Sunday): CincySCCA PE3

Weather was nice, and I did prepare sprayer! Still a power course. but tighter exit from the corner made it a little more challenging and fun. Tires felt much better water cooled, and the pressure was very stable at 26psi front, 24.5 rear.

I setup solo shot again, but stupid me forgot to take the cap off on first 3 runs! Just in time for 4th and my best run, I finally noticed and took the cap off!

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