Scammed on Amazon!

I’m surprised that I’m actually kind of amused…

A picture is worth 10,000 words…

I went to someone’s office delivering an external drive just for a local backup.
While I was explaining what this is, and how automatic backup works, I opened the box and pulled out the contents… I froze for 2 seconds, and “ah… well, I’ll be back…”

The drive was ordered at my work, from Amazon, and it wasn’t even from a market place… The box was shrink wrapped, and sealed. We contacted Amazon, and they immediately told us that they’ll ship out another hard drive right away, and will be here in two days (since tomorrow is a holiday.) no fuss, no return shipping.

The box contained a bamboo block, it looks like a stand of some kind, and also a usb cable, with one end looks like a 3.5 mono audio cable guessing some kind of a power cable. Probably someone bought a drive from amazon, and returned this fake box. Not sure why they went through a trouble including the bamboo block and usb cable… they could’ve sent just a simple wood block and that’ll be cheaper….

Anyhow… first time seeing a scam like this in first hand…

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