2018 CincySCCA Track Event @ Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

What a great weekend!

Cincinnati SCCA Hosted Todd Cholmondeley IT-Spec*tacular / Track Event at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

The weather was amazing, and can’t complain. (Especially compare to the last year’s Tornado Warning!). We had 6 sessions of 25 minutes each of track time on Friday, 3 morning sessions on Club Course, and 3 afternoon sessions on Pro Course.

The highlight of the Friday is that I got to drive Sandy. The Spec Miata that Chase and I were building this past winter. We stripped down the car, and then put them all back together after the roll cage was built. Anything from electrical, mechanical, to even the paint were done in my garage.

I started the day in Watermelon. My trust worthy beast, that is my Autocross, Rallycross, and Track car, that also serves me as a daily when I need to zip around the town. This car has been through all the beating from myself as well as my friends, and still doesn’t miss a beat (well, I did have a issue with one loose bolt that could have killed me I guess… but it’s all good). I had 2 sessions in Watermelon, and then 1 session in Sandy in the morning. In the afternoon, I started off in Sandy for a session, and then switched back in Watermelon.

Driving Sandy was like a whole new experience. Much more power, and so much more grip. I didn’t see the limit of the tires, which tells me that I didn’t drive hard enough. I was braking much earlier than I had to, and taking corner gingery. Sandy is a capable car; Owner, Chase drove her 1’47” on club course, and 1’45” on pro course. I did 1’59” on club, and 1’53” on Pro as I get used to the car a little more. I did 2’00” and 1’59” respectively in Watermelon (which lacks power, and was on BFG Rival 1.5S, and with almost stock suspension), so I think I could reduce the time in sandy if I drive as hard as I did Watermelon…

Anyhow, Here’s the videos of my runs.

Special Thanks to Chase for letting me drive Sandy. It was an amazing experience!

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