GLDiv / CincyPE6

Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted Great Lakes Divisional 2 day event / Cincinnati Region Point Event 6.

It was a very hot weekend, and 3 days (Setup on Friday and 2 day event) worn me out… But such a fun weekend! I felt very uncompetitive last couple events, but this weekend, I gave a good fight…

I somehow managed to compose my clean fast run and snatched the first place! Didn’t have that for a while…

SOLOSHOT worked very well on Saturday and aside from some forcus issues, it tracked very well!

On the other hand, I could not put together my clean fast run, and kept over driving… I was doing exactly what I told novice drivers not to do….. and didn’t work out very well… I had my fastest run dirty, and ended up my best run to be my second run… well, my fastest dirty run still didn’t move me up any positions though…

Special Thanks to Mike Riegel for awesome photos!

As you can see, I over drove and missed apex… 🙁

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