a Feisty Little Fella

While mowing yesterday, I found this little guy on my mowing path.
I moved him (her?) over to the area I already mowed, but this little guy wasn’t very happy with his re-location…

I think it’s one of the garter snake kinds and its head is as tiny as my pinkie nail, and probably 12inches long, with super cute eyes!!

I have another one on our yard I see from time to time. This one has been around the house for at least 3 or 4 years now, or maybe even longer. First saw one almost right after moved to the house, so about 10 years, but not sure it is the same guy. Anyways, this other one has a head almost as big as my thumb, and body is about one inch thick, and probably 18-20inches long.

Not that I particularly like snakes, but they are often beneficial animals, and I think they have really cute eyes šŸ™‚

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