CincySCCA PE1, PE2

Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted PE1 (while back) and PE2 at traders world.
I’m still learning the car, but definitely I made some progress, and now I can start seeing some possibilities, once I fully get used to the car, and get all the preparation done.

First of all, thanks to for great looking number, Evolution Driving school for the important lessons, and Mike Rigel for the photos.

During the PE2, my goal was to execute what I learned during Evo School once again. Patience is the key, and I didn’t do too shabby. However, someone I gave a ride told me that I almost scared him how aggressive I was driving compare to some other drivers, and I was bit sad… I guess I still wasn’t patient enough…

The PE2 was my 4th or 5th events, that I drive Tofu, and I feel my “butt sensor” is finally start calibrating to the new car. In my Spoon (99 NB), I felt like I could pickup exactly what tires are doing or going to do from the seat, but in Tofu, I was having really hard time. It is getting better, and I could start picking up some signals. probably will take a few more events before I feel as comfortable in Tofu as in Spoon, but it is getting there. I think timing and all would be just about right with my car preparations…

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