Tofu is now ready!

C-Street prep includes:

  • Karcept .120 front sway bar with mount reinforcement
  • Koni Yellow Ver.2, with RE-Suspension Bump Stops
  • D. Popp special alignment
  • Autocross Digits permanent Number
  • Goodwin Racing Roadster Race Muffler
  • Volk CE28 CR with BFG Rival-s 1.5
  • RS Factory Stage R500 brake Pads
  • Slightly cross threaded Nut between the seat and the steering wheel

I also made an remote adjuster for the Koni Shocks.

Used a Flexible Drill Extension, with a small set screw tapped in on shock end, and zip tied where I can use any 1/4 bit screw driver to turn. Now I can make adjustment without removing trunk liner. (I still need to drill a hole on strut tower brace for the front adjustment)

Anyhow thanks to everyone who helped me along the setup! Now the only to blame is that but behind the wheel…

Looking back, my very first autocross was way back in 2008. I had Toyota Solara back then, was told to try out the autocross at Kikare. I didn’t even know “How to” autocross, nor the car was prepared for it, but I had a lot of fun.

Fast forward 10 years and 4 different cars, I now became a regular member of Cincinnati Region Solo program. I am so thankful I’m part of this group. So many amazing drivers, and I’m constantly learning something. I came long way (I can’t believe I’m posting that my very very first autocross video, just to shame myself… I want to go back 10 years and give myself a lesson or two…), but I still have long long way to go.

Tofu is definitely a “win” able car. I just need to learn how to drive. I know my challenge; “Patience”, and also “consistency” and ability to “read” the course for the right line and the right speed. Well, that’s like everything about autocross….

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