G-Force GF1

First of all, this is an advertisement!! but it’s a good one, so bear with me.

I shared this already on Facebook, but this is really a great deal for someone looking for an autocross helmet, so here you go.


G-Force GF1 Helmet for $89 from Amazon.

It is Snell SA2015 rated helmet and good for many motorsports organization’s events. SA rating stands for Special Applications, and for automotive racing, as oppose to M (motorcycle) rating. Snell foundation renew their rating every 5 years, and they are coming out with 2020 rating this year. Most organizations accept most recent 2 or 3 certifications. For example, SCCA accepts 2010, 2015, and 2020 helmet until 2025 for their solo program, and 2015 and 2020 until 2025 for their club racing programs. Many other motorsports organizations takes similar requirements. Also, helmet manufactures recommend replacing helmet every 5 years… If you only use occasionally probably not necessary, but you probably don’t want to use the same helmet for 10 years anyways… It will get sweaty and nasty before the certification expires…

Since it is an open face helmet, it is not suited for Open cockpit cars, such as kart, or formula cars. However, it is great for Autocross, Rallycross. I personally use Arai full face, as it feels more comfortable to my head, but if you are just starting motorsports, and do not want to use the loaner helmets, this is a great option. Especially with the recent outbreak of Coronavirus…. really, though, who wants to use a helmet that has been shared by many people in hot sunny days?? I have used loaner helmet, maybe for the first couple events… and once I figured I like the sports, I went ahead and bought a motorcycle helmet, which cost as much as this one…

Usually any SA rated helmets would cost at least $120 to $150, so $89 for this is an amazing deal. Even I bought one just because it was so cheap! lol. Currently they have all sizes available in both White and Black.

Again, this is an advertisement. I did sign up for the affiliate account, hoping this sweat deal would benefit someone and in return maybe I can get a few dimes ;). If decide to buy one, use this above link, and I’d appreciate!!

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