CincySCCA PE8 @ Traders World

Cincinnati Region SCCA Hosted Point Event 8 at Traders World.
the weather was not optimal, but our class managed to finish all runs before the rain hit (sorry to the Heat 4 drivers…)

This course, was well, as always, challenged my patience. I think I start getting the idea of being patient through the tight corners and sweepers… (except for the exit of the last sweeper.. I was kept punishing my front tires…)

Anyhow, I tried my best, but other drivers in Street Open were fast… I finished 6th out 15, just missed the last trophy spot…

I think I could’ve down my time by another 2 or 3 tenth, on my last run, only if I didn’t screw up the last section…
Here’s my best run. 38.981

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