CincySCCA Solo PE3

It’s been a bit of crazy life recently, (cat gotta stay in the bag for a little longer…) and totally forgot about posting the Solo things…

CincySCCA hosted a Special T&T session and PE3. it was, well, mildly put, brutally hot…
After a whole day of T&T, I was totally cooked… PE3 was a bit better, especially with a frozen coffee treat after my runs in the morning. 😉

First of all, a shout out to our club sponsor for the Extra 20HP! I love the new stickers 🙂 Checkout his site for the perfect shot of you killing cones!

Jun 13, 2021: SCCA Regional Solo 2 – Cincinnati Region at Traders World, Lebanon, Ohio Jeff Loewe Photography
Thanks for the Support!

For the T&T I got to take both Spoon (99′ Miata, ES) and Tofu (19′ Miata, CS), and re-realized how much I love the Spoon, twitchy as F, and need to keep the foot down hoping it will go where it should go… it’s handful to keep it under control, and really need to drive at its edge, but when I get to do so, it feels so satisfying and fun. Tofu on the other hand, she is always under tame, composed, predictable, yet fast car. The reason I took Spoon out is to remind myself how it handles, so that I can work on it to fix the problem before I take her to the Mid-Ohio in summer. I did full 360 on the back straight in wet a few years ago there in Spoon, and I really need to fix that to feel comfortable on a track…

The following day, PE3, Tofu had 4 drivers(!!!), 2 in the morning heat, and 2 in the afternoon. She handled like a champ! Unfortunately, (like many other events), I could not put myself together to have one single run with the best sector for all, and that cost me the trophy spot for sure… My goal this year is a consistency. I finished 4th in 6 deep Pro class, with 11th in pax (out of 177). Yokohama is matching my driving style, and I really like the feel/communication from the tires. It is a great tires that forces me to drive with patience…. 😉

Here’s the video of the all 4 of us drove for PE3. (not everyone has the best run videos.. )

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