CincySCCA Track Event @ Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Track Day Bro!

Once a year, I feel underpowered driving the Miata… (yeah… only once a year… right?)

I took out the Spoon, 1999 NB Miata this time, and my goal was not to spin… last time I went out to Mid-Ohio in the Spoon, it was raining, and did a perfect 360 at the end of the back straight… though I executed perfectly, I was black flagged, to talk with steward, so I guess no more spinning for me.

This year, the weather turned out perfect, and aside from some sketchy-ness comes from the rear instability, I had an amazing day.

here are my best runs for the Club and the Pro Course. My Garmin’s GPS wasn’t really working very well, and my speed and lap time did not get recorded right, but based on a stop watch, I think it was around 1’55″+ for the Club Course and 1’52″+ for the club course. Poor spoon needs a new set of tires and exhaust…..

*Please watch on YouTube to see it in 360 Video. (would be better on tablet or phone!)

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