CincySCCA Solo PE8 @ Trader’s World International Raceway!

The season is almost coming to the end. CincySCCA hosted Challenge Event / Point Event 8 this weekend.
I’ve been driving different cars in different classes this season, and I feel that I’m getting out of touch with Tofu, my own Miata.

We ran first heat, though it was amazing weather, it still was too cold for the Falken RT660, which to be honest, not my favorite tires I have experienced with on my Miatas so far. I think it likes heat, and light weight, balanced Miata just cannot get enough heat in…

Though I was not even close to be competitive this year, I had a great time this season.
Next year, I’ll be back with some better tires! 🙂

Well, we have one more event weekend. See you all in a couple weeks!

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