Very Early Arrival of the GREAT NEWS!!!

The mail is here!

I got back home today, and checked my mailbox, expected my RX-8 Club Decal for my car.

Instead, I discover the two USPS envelope sent from a P.O. Box in Nebraska.  One with my name and another with my wife’s name on it.  I stumbled back to the house, and called my wife (= SWMBO : She Who Must Be Obeyed ).

It is a very very very early arrival of the GREAT NEWS, we were waiting for…  The long process started more than a year ago, with a lot of frustration, a lot of time, and most importantly a lot of help from our bosses, the dean of our school, and everyone involved in this process.

—— end.


Just joking…   Kaitlin would kill me if I don’t say what this great news was…

The great news is our Permanent Resident status has been approved.  aka, just got the Green Cards!!!

Now we don’t have to worry about our Visa being expired (well, Green Card does expire in 10 years, but we can renew them), and also we can travel out side of the US much easier.

Since I haven’t been back to Japan for such a long time (almost 10 years…), I can’t wait to see my grand parents, friends, and first time seeing my parents in law!

Anyone wants to help us finish a bottle of Champagne???



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