Black Emblems

Suddenly I thought about that I want to paint my emblems black…

On Ti-Gray with black rims (well only for track or event days though), black emblems should look good…


  1. Take emblems off the car, using hair dryer and fishing string.
  2. Sand down the emblems using 400 grid sanding paper, then smooth the surface by progressing to 2000 grid.
  3. Spray primer, 2-3 coat, about 10 min apart.
  4. While waiting it to dry (48 hours), use duck tape to take off the glue residue from the car.
  5. Sand the primer using 2000 grid, then spray black paint. I did 3 coat.
  6. While waiting it to dray (another 48 hours), clean up the glue residue’s residues, using clay bar.
  7. Sand the paint using 2000 grid, and spray clear coat.  let it dry to 48 hours.
  8. Attach 3M double sided tape to the emblems, and cut the excess…  it took me forever…
  9. Put the emblem back onto the car.
  10. Enjoy…
Now I need to clean up my car for the photo shoot…..

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