It’s been a while since we start looking for a set of nightstands for our bedroom.
When we get our headboard at Costco, they didn’t have matching nightstands in stock. I guess they got them by the week after we bought the headboard, but we totally missed the chance.

since then, we’ve been looking for nightstands that matches not just the style but the color as well.
Finally, last week, we found a set that seems to match our hardboards, again at the Costco.
They only had one nightstand, so we left our number so that they can call me once shipment arrives.

and… well… color almost matches (at least it matches perfectly for my color blindness eyes, but not for my wife’s!) , and the style matches for both our headboard and our liking.


now, I will drill some hole on the back, so that I can put the power strip inside, and keep all the cables tacked away.
oh, and we gotta get a nice set of lamps to finish our bedroom!

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