Cincy SCCA 2012 PE#3

It was a really hot day and though I was totally cooked by the end of the day, and I again ended up missing the first in class by small margin, I had a great time as always.

The event was held at Turfway park in Florence, KY. It’s not a big lot like the Wilmington is, but with some up and down, and tight corners made this course very interesting. Since it was a short course and not many people showed up, we could get 7 runs. And after that many runs, I still was struggling to find the best line to take.

After watching few other “pro”‘s videos, I figured some critical mistake on how I approached to some of the corners. I was taking cornet he first corner as very late apex, to make a better flow to the next box; at least that what I thought to be the best when I walked the course. However, the out side of the corner was very sandy, and was fighting with push all the run, just until the last run (the video above). On the other hand, I was taking 4th corner way too tight. It was killing my torque, and from other peoples video, it seems to be there is a better line…

Anyways, it was a fun event and there were a lot of things I learned….
By the way, the new alignment is working great! I feel more controls on my rear wheels than ever!!!!

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