All You Can Eat KFC! (in japan…)

From Yomiuri Online(Japanese Article…)
All You Can EAT KFC for 1200Yen ($15!!!!)
Celebrating anniversary of KFC Japan, On July 4th From 1:00PM to 4:00PM, they will have All You Can Eat in 45 Minutes at selected KFC Locations.
For ¥1200 (about $15), you can get refill for “Original Chicken”, “Fries”, and “Soft drink”
Also, from 6/28 to 7/24, they will have special campaign of giving out a “One Free Fried Chicken” coupon to the customer who purchased 5pc of chicken.
KFC Japan started on July 4th, 1970, and opened their first location in Nagoya City. Currently they have 1175 location in Japan.

Really???? For $15, you can only choose(well, it’s not even a choice…) from original chicken and… oh, that’s it??? And there’s Time Limit of 45 Minutes??? I remember I had lunch buffet at local KFC for less than $10, and they had original, extra crispy, grilled, and bunch of sides…. and I could stay as long as we wanted!

so, just out of curiosity, I went to KFC Japan’s website, and found this pricing for Original Fried Chicken..
1 pc. = ¥240 ($3.03)
2 pc. = ¥470 ($5.92)
3 pc. = ¥700 ($8.83)
4 pc. = ¥930 ($11.73)
5 pc. = ¥1160 ($14.63)
6 pc. = ¥1390 ($17.53)
10 pc. = ¥2310 ($29.14)

oh, the above price doesn’t include any sides. Think of that we can get 10 pc meal with big sides and biscuit for around $20, it’s pretty expensive… I can totally see, why I weigh about 40LB more than what I used to before I came to the US… (considering my friends from that time may gained like 10Lb since then…) I can kind of imagine why, people are so skinny in Japan… It’s so expensive, they can’t buy “Enough” food…

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