One Beautiful Summer Morning

Got up early as always, and noticed our Easter Lilies are blooming!

Found this blooming just outside of our bedroom. So I went out to snap some pictures of it.

One of my favorites around our house…

Here are some photos of our other flowers… I snapped them in busy morning time, so just a few.

I just re-planted this from (out side of) one of the flower beds. Somehow it was start growing just out side of a flower bed, and was bit annoying when I was trying to mow around them… it’s been a couple days, and seems to be doing well.
We have a few different kinds roses around our house, and they almost seem like blooming whole year long except for the winter.
They are tough. They seem to grow taller and taller every year. This year, they are at least 5 feet tall… They spread almost as bad as some weeds… at least they look good as long as we keep it under control….
Daisies on one side of the driveway grow better than the other… This side is not as monstrous as the other side…

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