Ice, Speaker, and Tote…

how does those 3 topics correspond to each other? well.. keep reading..


We had plenty of warning about the icy rain, so as soon as the sky start getting brighter, I grabbed my camera, and took a snapshot of our driveway. our neighbor just opened her door, and let her dog out, and she was cautiously slipping on the ice and ran to me. it was so cute, I forgot to take picture.



When you work in your garage, what do you listen? I do like music, but also I love listening to NPR. It doesn’t even have to be the Car Talk. It is more for the background noise. It doesn’t worth me to buy a work site radio (though it’s nice), so I was always using iPad. it works, but its small speakers are sometime not loud enough.
Light bulb lit up on top of my head when I saw an old desktop speaker which has no more use. It’s one of those beige, computer desktop speakers. It works, but outdated.
I drilled a hole and bolt on to the garage door opener mount.
I run the cable to the Attic, then drop the stereo mini plug down by my work bench.

Now I can hook up my iPad (eventually thinking of getting a cheap radio). All I left to do is figure out the wiring to remotely turn on and off the speaker…

Tire Tote.

Not a tote bag that girls carry to a beach, shopping, and everywhere…
I have been thinking of getting Tire Tote to carry my tires around garage and to an autocross events.
First I tried the Ikea’s tire bag. The price is great, and the bag is good enough for the price, unfortunately my 245 wide tire does not fit the bag…
After a few unsuccessful bid on eBay, I finally got a set.
it has nissan logo, and I’ve never owned a single nissan vehicle, but oh well.. it won’t bother me. (if anyone wants to swap with your plain one, I can do that!).


the tote fit aournd the tires very easily, and make it looks great! i’m already loving it!

well, those three in title looks totally nothing to do with each other, and in fact, well.. you are right! other than that I wrote about those 3 topics today, they are absolutely nothing to with each other…


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