CincySCCA PE 2 and 3 at Wilmington Airpark

It was another autocross weekend!
CincySCCA held PE2 and PE3 on Saturday and Sunday. As always I had a great time, though result was not the way I wanted… Still iffy about the rear end being loose, I start getting used to how to brake to keep the rear tucked in. Now my problem is mid-exit of turn. I think I start gassing the car bit too early and pushing at the end of the turn.

I had a bit of GoPro wireless issue, as well as user issue (keep forgetting to turn it on…), I don’t have the video of all runs… Especially there were a few runs I really wish if I had videos of, for both studying and enjoying purpose, but oh well….

PE2 was a very high speed course. I spun a lot. 3 run out of 7…
Here’s my best spin of the day (note: not the best run, but best spin!)

Other videos at the end of this post

PE3 had a lot of the same elements of the course from the PE2, but with a few changes, the course was bit more technical and bit slower. I did manage to keep my rear to stay in rear, and though the result of the race was not as good as I wanted, but the run it self was very satisfactory.
I was keep forgetting to turn on the video, and missed my best runs. One of the run, though it was not the fastest in time, I had a great one going through the slalom. I felt I was in a right rhythm, and from the entry to exit, it went very smooth. I tried to repeat it in later runs, but just could not enter the section right…

anyhow, here’s the fastest run that I have on video (my best time was on Run 4, and had much less push)

Also those were my first event with my new tire Bridgestone Potenza RE-11.
I got them for a really good price, and as far as the tire goes, it seems very good. It is very whiny at the limit compare to my last tire, Direzza Z1 StarSpec by Dunlop, but it seems to grip well through out the temperature range from the first run to the last run.
Also I have noticed they are very streetable tires. much quieter than Z1 SS (well, they were old and dry though), and more comfortable.

Here’s other runs from PE2 and PE3.

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