Cincy SCCA PE5 @ Turfway Park

Cincinnati SCCA hosted PE5 at Turfway Park this weekend.
I really liked the course, even though I hit way more cones than I should have. The Wilmington’s flat large lot is fun, but Turfway’s elevation change makes thing more interesting.

I had my fastest at my last run, but was with 1 cone, and made my 5th run to be my best. I also forgot to turn on my cam on my third run… Also, I was using full housing for the GoPro because of the chance of rain, and ended up with some foggy video…

Run 5 (35.361): My best time of the day

Run 1 (35.608+DNF): I went into my last corner before the finish way over speed. Missed a cone, and DNF

Run 2 (35.912+1):

Run 4 (35.378)

Run 6 (35.291): The fastest, but with one cone

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