MVSCC Test & Tune and PE4 @ Wilmington, OH

I went to Test & Tune Event hosted by Miami Valley Sports Car Club (MVSCC), and their Point Event #4 at Wilmington.

First, their Test & Tune was very helpful, learning quite a few things from the driving school setup in the morning. Unfortunately with a very heavy storm, we couldn’t have as many runs as we wanted to, but a few runs I got in wet condition was a good experience and fun for me.

On Sunday, I didn’t do well for the result wise, however I’m pretty happy with the run. I was consistent, and kept the car under control for the most part. I still need a lot more seat time to make it actually faster though…

My GoPro was a bit messed up on Sunday Events, and I only got a low quality in car video for my fastest run. so I’ll just put all video I got in run order. Also, there’s not video of my Run 5… I forgot to turn on my in cab camera, and GoPro was not working… The first 3 videos are the T&T Runs in very very wet condition. My fastest on PE4 is the 4th run.

Thank you for all MVSCC Members who helped me on both Saturday and Sunday Events.

Test & Tune Rain-Run 1

Test & Tune Rain-Run 2

Test & Tune Rain-Run 3

PE #4 Run 1

PE #4 Run 2

PE #4 Run 3

PE #4 Run 4

PE #4 Run 6

PE #4 Run 7

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