The Dream Came True!

One of my dreams, big garage…
I love our oversized 2 car garage, and nice flat driveway. Plenty of storage space, and can have nice “Car working on party” with multiple cars when weather’s nice.

anyhow, since I got my second car, Miata, 2 car garage doesn’t cut it with 3 cars!

  • My wife’s SUV needs to be in garage as it’s our daily driver, and convenience of not getting wet in rain while unloading grocery is very important.
  • The new Miata needs to be inside as I can see it’s leaking somewhere and also now I work on it, prefer it’s dry.
  • My poor RX-8 was sitting in the driveway as a result, and with my stupidity, I even made a big ding on the door while moving my wife’s SUV… stupid me… totally forgot I parked the car right there…

But now, I have a solution.
Now it’s time for remodel!

The first step is to get a Mover’s Dolly. So that I can move my Miata around. There are dollies made for this purpose, but figured mover’s dolly would do the job for me, with fraction of cost.
I used some leftover 2×4 to reinforce the dolly and put wheel stop. Still needs some effort but for 2200lb car it works okay.

yeah, the tire's are a bit flattish...
yeah, the tire’s are a bit flattish…

Then get things in the garage out (and list them on the Craigslist).

Once I got some room in garage to work around, I started my garage conversion (but I got so busy and didn’t get chance to take pictures)…

Anyhow, here is the after remodel.
My oversized 2 car garage became a little tote but a 3car garage!!


I spare about a foot in front of SUV and about 2 feet between garage door and SUV, and plenty of space behind my RX-8 to go around.




I thought about parking side by side, and probably it’s possible, but likely I won’t have enough space to open the doors…

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