Miata Progress

The Miata I got back in winter is coming along.

I had some issue transferring title, but it’s all fixed now and it has my Ohio Tag.
(by the way, I like this new tag much better than the last kinds.)

The New One
The New One
The Old One
The Old One

Here are a few things I got it done
– Picked up a few sheet metal pieces to replace rusted out ones on top of the rear deck
– Tidy up the audio wiring (PO did amazingly bad job with it…)
– Special Thanks to Tom for a set of factory 14″ rims with two tires! (it is so light! and small…)
– Got two more tires at local shop (they were cheaper than online!)
– Clean all carpets, and sun dried seats (wanted to get smoke smell out, and Simple Green works magic!)
– Replaced Fuel Filter
– Running (on going still) with Techron Fuel Injector Cleaner in gas,
– Replaced Spark Plugs
– Un-Seized one of the rear brake caliper pin (hoping it’s not caliper itself…

Still to come
Spark Plug Wires to be replaced
Brake Rotors and Pads needs to be replaced
– Windows need to be lubed
– Will replace the fuel filter after a while one more time
– Valve Cover gasket needs to be replaced for leak (and O-ring on the back?)
– Probably replace the belt while I’m at it
– Look into the differential, some leak there…
– Paint (Color suggestion?)

When I picked her up, I noticed that fuel somehow cut off at high rev and when shifting. I checked for the fuel tank rust, and also the fuel pump seems like working fine as well. The fuel filter looked okay, but when I removed it, I found very dirty fuel flowing out… After the filter change, I can feel car runs much better, and fuel cut off does not happen. It seems the filter did fix the issue, but when filter is that bad, not gonna hurt to run injector cleaner…

Also another problem was a bad shaking at high speed. Considering it was on dry rotted, wrong sized, and extremely heavy Chrome 17″ rims, it was not a surprise… and for sure 14″ factory rims with right sized tires made a huge difference! Also the light weight helps acceleration a lot.

She’s yet far from done, and there’s a long list of things needs to be done, but for now, at least she’s drivable, I get to enjoy the nice summer day with no roof!\


I changed how I park our cars so that I can drive out any car without pushing around on dolly.


Only thing is that I need to park my RX-8 so close to the wall, and the Miata so close to the RX-8, it’d take a little while to get used to it.

Also I need to get our old washer and dryer sold so that I’ll have some room for Highlander.

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