2014 Indianapolis Grand Prix

I spent weekend as a Corner Worker at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
It was a Indy cars’ road course race, along with Pro-Mazda and Indy-2000 race. The first time corner working was quite an experience. It was a busy, exhausting, but very fun weekend. I was assigned for Corner 6, where cars head straight toward us after corner 4 into the chicane, and then leave to the back straight way. Basically, I could see from high speed corner to tight chicane, and acceleration to the long straight, very good place to watch race! Also, our corner station was just below a TV Screen, so we could see what’s going on at other corners as well. Our corner captain let us experience different jobs like blue flagger, yellow flagger, and safety. (only thing I didn’t get to try was a communication, but probably that was a good thing ^^;)

Thanks to Todd, and Joe from SCCA, and Tom and Wylie (? sorry can’t spell..) for such an amazing experience. Planning to come back to do corner work again, and maybe at the club event as well!

As an added benefit, the worker badge will let me enter the Indy 500 event for free as well as to the pit lanes!!




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