Cincy SCCA PE2 @ Wilmington AirPark

Cincinnati SCCA held Point Event #2 at Wilmington AirPark.
Weather turned out great, and with over 90 entries, the event was so much fun!

Maybe I should have moved to ST-Open instead of staying in STX… Unfortunately I was only one in the class in this event… I just didn’t want to waste the magnet I just made…
If I were in ST class, I would’ve been 7th out of 13 entry. Considering how competitive that class is I would be happy. Maybe I should consider moving the class… hmm

Anyways, when I walked, I totally thought the course were very fast, a lot of straight type course. However after the first run, I found myself in very tight, challenging course. Until the last run, I couldn’t figure out a good line for the first half, and on that last run, I went with too much throttle, and lost time in the second half…

Here’s my runs from PE#2

My Best run was the 5th run.

Run 1

Run 2

Run 3

Run 4

Run 5 (Best Run)

Run 6

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