Cincy SCCA PE4&5 @ Turfway Park

I was at Cincinnati SCCA Point Event #4 and #5 at Turfway Park.
Turfway is a lot on the slight incline, and depending on the course layout, I either do fairly okay or totally bad…
I did really bad on PE#4. I couldn’t get it right on any turn, either pushing or turning in too early and clipped inside cone. I believe I hit cone on half the runs, and the best time I had was my first run…

PE#5 went pretty well. Though I didn’t get my 6th run due to the weather, I was really happy with how the run went, except for the slight turn after coming down the hill at full speed, and hitting bump… I did have a spectacular 180 on my second run, and cone massacre on my 3rd run. However, my 4th and 5th run dials in pretty okay. I think I could do a little better at the last slalom sections, but pretty happy in general..

Bad news… I found a bracket for End Link on linkage broke… Should I just remove the rear sway bar all together or should I fix it… decision to make…

Anyways, here are the videos. Post couple runs from PE#5 with disastrous spin first just for fun…
On PE#5, I got to try double camera setup with GoPro. I need to find out where to put the second camera though… Helmet mount is fun, but need to fix the angle a little…

PE#5 Run 2 (180 spin, no cone, but DNF…)

PE#5 Run 3 (Cone Killer… DNF)

PE #4
Run 1

Run 2

Run 3

Run 4

Run 5

Run 6

PE# 5
Run 1

Run 4

Run 5

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