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I finally got the replacement bumper cover repainted. I was debated if I should paint it by myself by purchasing color matched spray paint, or get it professionally painted. Considering 2-3 cans of base coat and 2 cans of clear coat, it would cost about $80-100. Instead, I found a local shop where I could get it painted for very reasonable price. It was more than what paint would cost, but for the skills and equipment/paint booth that I don’t have, the extra cost was minimal, and very worth it.

JD Autosource (Facebook Page)
JD Autosource (Homepage)

I dropped off the bumper (primed, and no accessory attached) on Tuesday morning, and I could pick up next day. I rest it for a few more days in my living room so that paint is fully harden. Unfortunately, I caught cold and I couldn’t get it mounted right away, but I finally got around, and I am very satisfied with how this whole repair job came out…

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* The bumper cover paint color is not matched with the rest of the car, but it is not because of the JD Autosource. To keep the cost down, I didn’t ask him for the paint match. I just asked him to paint to the factory color code. I knew it won’t be a exact match, but after all, it is a front bumper cover, on a daily driven car with 160,000 miles on it; as long as the color were close, I am very happy with it!

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