SCCA Great Lakes Divisional and Cincy PE2

Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted Great Lakes Divisional, and our own Point Event 2, at Wilmington Airpark’s wonderful Concrete Pad!

Day 1 was wet, cold and miserable. The course was challenging, and even after finished all my runs, I am still not certain what was the best line to take… My new Miata feels great, and love the extra power over my Watermelon (NA6 Miata), a little better handling from the stiffer chassis, and extra grip from the limited slip!

Day 2 was a little better except for 30 seconds hail in the morning. It was windy, but with sun plays hide and seek all day, at least the surface was getting a little heat. Unfortunately, the concrete shaved off what was left on 1 year old Bridgestone RE71R, and I actually felt a little less grip from the tire even compare to the Day 1 in colder surface…

I managed to place 1st in small E-street on Saturday, and barely grabbed 5th place trophy out of 17 deep Street Open class.

Day 1

Day 2

Over all, it was a great event, and was a very fun course.
Special thanks to Chase for Mazda decals!

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