CincySCCA PE5 @ Turfway Park

Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted their Point Event #5 at Turfway Park.
It was a hot day, and unfortunately we had a quick rain storm in the afternoon, but luckily I finished my last run just 10 minutes before the rain hit!

It was a very interesting course, with a lot of bumps! I was hopping over the wavy surface, and I couldn’t get my time down…
Something I need to learn; using 1st Gear. First time ever I actually tried on my last run of this event. Wasn’t very smooth, but I could feel the benefit of shifting down to the first, especially on a course like this.

My last run was good enough for 10th in Raw Time, and 9th in Pax, however, 6th of 7 in Street Open…
All 7 drivers in Street Open finished in Top 10 in Pax… It’s a real shark tank!!!

Anyhow, sorry for the shaky video. I blame on rough turfway surface, but probably something to do with I didn’t quite tighten the mount… 🙁

2 thoughts on “CincySCCA PE5 @ Turfway Park”

    1. The camera I use is by Garmin, and called VIRB Auto Racing Buncle.

      This bundle comes with OBD2 reader, and when I edit using their app, it automatically overlay the info it reads. The unit also has the GPS, which is shown on the map on left top corner, but the GPS frequency is so low, it’s kind of useless for autocross…

      Picture quality is not quite as good as GoPro, but with the extra OBD2 feature, I may prefer this camera over the GoPro for Autocross.

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