Cincy SCCA PE3

Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted their Point Event #3 at Traders World, Monroe Ohio.

To everyone’s surprise, rain holds off for the entire day!! Unfortunately without knowing that, we only had 4 runs each, so we needed to make every run counts.

My first run was very sketchy. tires didn’t grip, fighting with the loose rear end, and at the end, I went on the wrong side of a wall and DNF. So, I took my second run slow, just to find where I were going.

I pushed a little harder on third run, but got distracted by a course worker, and I lost control needed up in spin… Which left me with only one run left, without any clean run…

Somehow I could pulled it off, and ended up with 5th out of 22 in Street Open. There were still some time left on the course for sure, and watching video, it looks that I wasn’t exactly on the line where I was planning/thinking I were to be on.

Thanks to Quincy S. for great pictures at the event!

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