Cincinnati region SCCA held their point event #5 at Traders World. It was a short course packed with Miata elements. Tight but momentum type elements. Several technical turns into reducing radius sweeper ends with tricky slalom which has slightly shorter gap on last slalom cone.

I managed to finish my last run as my best run, good enough for 2nd out of 15 in Street open class, and 11th out of 140 entry PAX. I am very happy with the results though I do have a couple places I regret that I braked a little too much a little too early.

Also I’m still trying to determine how to feel the numb 225 BFG Rival-S 1.5. it may have a little more grip than 205 RE71-R, but so hard to feel the limit of the tires, can’t drive the car at the edge of its limit.

Here’s my best run 6th run.

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