SoloShot 3

It’s been 2 years since the order was placed. After so many broken promises for the shipment, excuses, etc, and we are still waiting for the Indoor Accessories to come out, but at least, the main unit and the out door tag is here!

As soon as we received it, we took it out to our parking lot and did a initial test just walking around the camera, and on following day, I had a chance takin it out to a nearby go kart track to do actual field test!

The weather was sunny, but cold, around 45’F and was pretty windy. The camera was place on a viewing deck which is located about 10 feet off the track, and 10-15 feet high. Camera was bit shaky in the wind but it was more of the tripod issue than the camera.

I did shoot 3 different sessions. First and second session worked well, but on the third session, camera could not frame the tag in center at all. I did not get to check the video until I get home, so did not get to troubleshoot… but over all, I’m satisfied with the result.

All sessions were filmed in 1080P60fps, Field Mode with Framing in Center. First and the third sessions are filmed with wide angle, and the second one was in medium angle. The picture quality is great in medium, but camera was struggling tracking when the subject is moving fast just 15 feet away.

Beside the issue in session 3, I have noticed that camera picks up its own motor noise when the base is turning around. Does not bother me much in outdoor events, but I am a bit concerned if I were to use indoor, some quiet settings.

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