CincySCCA Solo PE5 and WOR RallyCross PE5

Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted Point Event #5 at Traders World on 08/19

It had a figure 8 in the course, which apparently I’m the guilty party for coming up with the element. I was speaking with our Solo Chair one day, and I sent him a sketch of a crossover element, that ended up in the course design. If you liked the feature, thank me, if you don’t, sorry… I liked it. Something different from our regular elements, and giving little challenge.

Also special thanks to Mike Riegel for awesome photos!

I know.. I have wrong wheel off the ground… 🙁

I have been over driving a lot recent events, and I need to dial back a little; Go slow to Go fast.
Anyhow, Here’s my best run…

On 08/25, WOR hosted their PE5, moved from the original scheduled date of 08/18 due to the weather concern at Bitzer’s Farm.
As usually I ran Prepared Rear, even though the car is only prepped for Stock Rear, due to the number of drivers in our Watermelon. Though there were only me in Prepared Rear class, comparing to the Mod Rear, which were in the same heat as PR, I didn’t do too bad, I think. I start loosing concentration/patience toward the last few runs, and especially after start screwing up my runs, I was in downward spiral…
Here’s my entire run.

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