CincySCCA PE7 / PE8

The day before we left to Europe, Cincinnati Region SCCA hosted their PE7 at Traders World.
A week after we got back and finally recovered from the jet lag, they held their PE8.

Can’t thank my wife enough for planning our trip perfectly in between my last two events!

I didn’t do very well on PE7, finished only about mid pack out of 20 Street open entries.

The final event of the season PE8 was lucked out of weather, cold and wet…
I was in the second heat, which ended up to be the best heat out of the worst, with at least some dry runs.
Of course, I was running toward end of my heat group, and it started raining just before my last run… Could I have better run on my last run if it were dry? who knows… but I’m an Autocrossor, and I’ll use any possible excuses available… I ended my final event 4th out of 17, 5/10 second off of the first place (Congrats Terry!)

This is my favorite angle of the same run by my Garmin VIRB360. I love this little camera. It connects to the OBD2 (using Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter) and get all the extra info and inlay it, and also automatically stitches the video into 360, using VIRB Edit. Camera is super easy to use, and though VIRB Edit has quite a bit of room for improvement, it’s free and does the job.

Finally Special Thanks to Mike Riegel for a great photos this year! (and the course workers who chased all the cones I murdered this weekends! lol)

Thank you all the competitors at the event, gave me advice, rides, encouragement, and challenges. I didn’t do as good as last year, but there still are a lot to learn, and I need to get better at driving my slow Miata :p

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