MMC T&T / Spring Fun Event

what a fun weekend!

First of all Special Thanks to D.P. for align my car! It was like an unexpected present for me!

MMC and CincySCCA had T&T on Saturday. It was a lot of fun… it’s been a while since CincySCCA hosted a T&T style event.
Anyhow, I got to drive both NB (Spoon) and ND (Tofu) side by side, and well… Tofu wasn’t much faster than Spoon… maybe I should say completely stock ND with just alignment was even faster than the NB that I have prepped and driven for 4 years! Of course, NB felt much more confident, and more in control, while ND felt very sloppy in even aspects… Suspension at turn in, out or slalom, Tires under both braking and acceleration… all felt bit numb and sloppy… but still a faster than when I was in my NB…

Also, I successfully made Tofu a dirty girl!

On Sunday, CincySCCA had a Fun event. First time, Tofu is actually driven with competition in mind… and ended up first time driven in the rain (well, just a sprinkle.)

I quickly learned (well, I knew already it just reminded me to be more accurate) that the Trader’s World International Raceway quickly become ice skate arena as soon as rain hit the sealed asphalt. I didn’t have any grip, and it was a miracle that I didn’t spin out… However, I figured that ND is as easy if not easier, to catch the car when she start over stepping and almost loosing control. Very forgiving car for sure.

My best time ended up to be my 6th run(43.474), by 34/1000 of seconds faster than my very fast run (43.518)… I was all over the place, and the grip level (push or over steer) was somewhat inconsistent.
Here’s my video from Fun Event. Fastest 6th run on top/1st run on bottom (I was faster in section 2 and 3 in my first run). and also my wet run just for fun… 🙂

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