Hueston Woods Race Loop

The Thanks giving long break was a beautiful weekend!

It’s been a couple years since we joined the mountain biking class at our school, but this pandemic really pushed us into the sports more seriously, and now we’ve been riding at least once or twice a week, or more if weather permit…

After the feast on Thursday, I decided that I am gonna ride a lot on following Fri. Sat and Sunday… and I did! (and of course, paying with my soar muscles today…)

The Black Friday Morning ride was 10.6 Miles, the North Loop with the new extension. There were a very fast group in front of me, and I tried to keep up, and miserably failed by the time get to the first hill… 🙁 The faster than usual pace wore me out very quickly and by the time get to the end of the loop, I was barely getting up the small up hills that I usually can climb without problems….

In the afternoon, joined by Chase and my wife, we did an easy pace 8+ miles… well, was suppose to be easy, but after the morning ride, nothing was easy…

I took a long bath, massager and good night rest, to get ready for the weekend’s main event, Full Race Loop, with the new extension. I’ve done the full race loop without new section once before, but thanks to CORA, the new north loop section is now almost complete, it is 18+ mile loop starting from the trailhead. I was regretting the attempt pretty much as soon as I got on to the trail… I could feel the crying muscle from the Friday ride…. every time I pass the intersection with another loop, I seriously consider bailing out… lol

But after 2 hours and 23 min of riding (3 hours 7 min including the stopped time), I finally finished the entire NEW Race Loop!

In the afternoon, my wife joined me to do the Green and the Campground Loop, making the complete ride of 23.6 miles

On Sunday, we decided to give another short ride as hunting week is starting and we are expecting not much, if any rides…
Easy 7.5 miles ride was all I could handle after the hard weekend though….

Now, the Winter is here any day, we are ready to go for our another outdoor activity, Skiing!

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