Merry Christmas!

The Long, Long 2020 is coming close to the end, and despite it’s 2020, we had/having a great Christmas!

We kicked off the holiday week by a few morning ski days, and then a trip to the Costco for the crab legs, and The Stehlin’s Meat Market for our new Christmas tradition, Prime Ribs.

We found this easy prime rib recipe of simply rubbing the seasoning, then in oven, high heat (500F) for 15 min and then 325F until it cooked to rare, and then let it sit for 15-20 min until the temperature raise medium rare. It suppose to take about 2 hours, but probably something is off on our oven, it took almost 4 hours… but.. the results were perfect!

Santa brought me a lot of presents!! A new wallet, biking socks, a display case for my toy car collections (including soap Miatas!) and then 3D Wood puzzles and more!

Thanks to G.M.

We spent whole day completing the 3D puzzles while playing THE Christmas Movie (Die Hard series).

Felt like I went back to the childhood building model bikes, ships and robots… what a great Christmas!!

Even having the left over for lunch was great 🙂 we had ready bake bread with thinly cut prime rib.

There’s a week left for 2020. We wish everyone a warm, healthy holidays!

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