2021 Season Opener and my special weekend

Since I started my feet dipped in motorsports (and now I’m well passed knee deep in autocross), winter was long and boring time before the spring when we get to go out and play. However, this winter was a bit different. I enjoyed skiing with my wife, and then jump on the bandwagon of catching COVID…. and though didn’t hospitalized, it was bad… was in bed for almost 2 weeks, and then developed pneumonia and ear infection… Luckily I did eventually recovered and then back on skiing 😉

However, the ski season is now ended, and within a short few weeks, I will be back behind the wheel driving like a madman! Got my new set of tires for the season, and after a few check up and some maintenance, Tofu will be ready for the season opener!

Unfortunately it is a special occasion type weekend for me and my wife and I won’t be able to attend the full day of the event, but for sure I’ll be there at the beginning of the event so at least I get to have a deep breath in smell of gas/race fuel and burning tires!

To celebrate the special weekend, Cincinnati Region SCCA used my beloved Tofu as the cover photo for the season opener announcement!

Well… I am the editor of that post, and I’m the one picked the photo… but hey gotta do what I gotta do to promote myself! 😛

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