Spring is Here!

With the weather getting warmer, I can smell the arrival of the spring!

Of course, the fresh rubber on the wheels, it is. This year, I’m going with Yokohama A052 (Thanks K.O. Tires!), at least to start the season. With 3 drivers planned for Tofu this season, we’ll see how long the soft Yokohama will last…

Thanks to the legendary D.P., the pre-season alignment check is completed. to my surprise, the alignment has not been changed very much since the last alignment. Rear Toe moved a little, and just did a slight touch up on the front, to make it even. Now I just need to scrub in the tires and wait for the autocross season to start! oh… and gotta do oil change… I was being lazy over the winter and didn’t do it after

Last year, in midst not being able to go anywhere, SWMBO and I have picked up a new hobby. Bike riding and skiing.

Luckily we have purchased an annual pass for the Perfect North Ski Slope end of 2019 season, along with own ski equipment for both of us, and we totally made them worth the money! We skied over 20 days (always a short ski in the morning or late evening for the less people = less wait time at the lift), and we certainly got so much better compare to how we skied last year.

Now, with the weather warms up, the bike season is here.

We started our bike season by 24 miles of bike path ride, followed by 36 miles of gravel/road group riding. SWMBO totally kicked my butt. On those road riding. However, as a long time autocrossor, I didn’t forget a good excuse, this time, I go with “I was having Knee Problem”. 36 miles were tough, though. Maybe try again when I’m back in little better shape… Thanks to the CORA and their trail crews, and with this surprisingly dry trail the last couple days, we got to enjoy our first trail ride this week as well. Hopefully it will be a dry spring so we can get out and ride more before the autocross season starts 😉

Also Special thanks to Westchester Cyclery and TEAM Cycling and Fitness for finding us the bikes in midst of the serious bike shortages!!

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