Winter Projects (Christmas Gifts) and a New Toy!

With some work around the house, Ski etc, it ended up taking whole winter break to finish completing the LEGOs from the Christmas. We of course started with the simplest one for the warmup, and then moved onto two more complicated ones 🙂

The First was the free gift from the Lego Store:

A little Santa on a ski. Took me just a few min from opening the package, to the completion. 🙂

Now to our very first Lego Kit in our life. Both of us (my wife and I) has played with Lego, and I my first Lego Memory is all the way back when I was in Nigeria… However, neither of us has ever had Lego Kits. They are always bunch of blocks, and creating “something” from a scratch without any instruction, which usually ended up to be a spacecraft for me…

I picked this “F U World Gloves”, thinking 590 pieces of Lego sounds like pretty good size set (and SWMBO:”She Who Must Be Obeyed” loves the Marvel Movies), but It barely took us half of the Christmas morning to complete….

Opening the box!

With fully functioning fingers, I had to…. sorry world!

Now to the main dish!
SWMBO went to the Kenwood Mall Lego store without knowing I got a Lego set as Christmas gift, and lucky her (or more like lucky me!) walked into this giant 9090 piece Titanic Lego set! she told me that the store’s online inventory system was having problem, so the world did not know that the store has this in stock, and if the online inventory was working, the Titanic kit would have been long gone by the time she went to the store… Of course, she wasn’t planning to spend this much for the gift, but knowing this is near impossible set to find, she decided to pick one up!

This giant Titanic model was separated into 3 sections:

The instruction says it can be started from any of the 3 sections, but of course, we started from the Box number 1, front section of the ship:

Each box contains 12-15 bags, and the instruction goes through each bag at a time, so the process is pretty simple and easy to follow.

One of the impressive things about this kit is how much details go into it. For example, this is a coal/boiler room and the cylinder (Boiler) has a amber clear piece inside to represent the fire (I think…)

Cabins in each level, and also the stair case

Completed the Box 1!

The cross section where it can be exposed (when you separate the 3 sections (boxes) apart:

The area where you can’t see once each sections are completed, is vastly empty.

However, there are places with some amazing details even though you can’t see once assembled… This Clock (Compass) was one of the iconic piece in titanic, so Lego included in the built, but once it is assembled, you will never be able to see it….

Box 2 Completed! and joined to the front section!

We spent a few hours at a time. Impressed by the details, creativity (how they connect different pieces, as well as how they represent certain items using a generic pieces), and then take a break with a warm cup of hot chocolate 🙂

The Final section was probably most complicated sections, and took longer to complete… or at least that’s how it felt…

When we get to the last few bags, we encountered a problem! There supposed to be a long white rod that fences the entire tail end of the Titanic, but instead, the bag only contained a short rod… Contacted the Lego Support, and now waiting for the correct parts to be sent… luckily this was one of the pieces that can be put on after completion, so we are moving along….

One of the cool features of this set is this moving engine pistons. it is connected to the propellers int he back, and when you spin the propellers, the pistons move up/down.

Completed! Just in time before our Christmas break ended!

Look at this massive size! Now not sure where and how we will display it!!

I feel so lucky to be able to play with this set, and it is very very addictive….. but we can’t afford another expensive hobby….

Talking about the expensive hobbies, I just added a new toy to my tool collections! Makita XCU06 10-inch Chain saw

Picked this cutie up from a local Craigs List. It uses the 18V battery that I already have, and though it’s only 10″ Bar, it is great for the small jobs around the house. The chain probably needs to be sharpened or replaced, and also I need to learn how to properly use a chainsaw efficiently. I took it out to a field for a small job, and ended up using my entire battery collections before finishing them all…. More report to come (maybe….)

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