CincySCCA Banquet

What an amazing evening!!

It’s always great to see everyone off season, but it’s especially nice when get awarded for the prestigious trophy!

The Joel Williams Award is to “recognize a member who has given exceptional service to Cincinnati Region over an extended period of time.

It caught me with total surprise and when the microphone was handed to me, my brain went complete blank… All the emotion just spills over my head and I could not even come up with a simple “Thank you” speech…… So now, here is my official speech of what I wanted (or want to) say, at the Saturday night banquet.

“First of all, I want to thank the previous recipients of this award who selected me for such an honor. I am only doing what I can do, for the club where I met the sports I love, and give me the opportunities to keep having “Fun with Cars”. This club introduced me to the motorsports, and more than anything else, great friends, and many I would call my family.
It is a great honor to have my name next to all the previous great recipients.

Finally, of course I have to say this like the academy award! I want to thank my solo friends, who’re always pushing me to continue challenging in this (expensive) sports, a road racers who keep reminding me there are more expensive hobby than Solo, and the Club Board Members, Program Chairs, Committee members, that spending many hours of work to make the CincySCCA the Best Motorsports Community in the area. Last but not at least, I can’t do this without my sponsor (aka my wife) who provided me with a magic plastic card that let me have all the “necessary” car parts just by clicking “buy now” buttons!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Of course, this award was the highlight of the banquet, but I was also excited that I finally made it on to the Official Top 10 PAX T-shirt. Cincy Region Solo program is very competitive and I have been trying to make it into the top 10 PAX for years. For a couple years I was at 11th, and then was a bit of struggle for a couple years after that, but finally, I made it into the top 10 this past season! Though I did not make it into the trophy spots for the pro class, I feel this is almost as exciting as getting a class trophy for me, if not more.

Again, Truly Thanks to all who support me, and I look forward to the great 2022 season to come!

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