CincySCCA Solo Point Event 4

I’ve been so lazy and un-motivated, and though I’ve not stopped autocross or anything, but never recorded any videos.

Special thanks to my co-driver “G” for recording my runs this event!

After watching/comparing my run to my co-drivers’ (I had 4 drivers in Tofu) runs, it confirms I’m really bad ad handling hairpins. All the time I gain from the Roundabout and the slalom is lost on my 180, and then some more…

My best run of 44.868 was .003sec slower than my other co-driver “N”. He ran in Heat 1 and I ran in Heat 2, so I really don’t have any excuses though…

Next event will be up in Mid-Ohio for the Track Event. Planning to take Spoon up there. Looking forward to some high speed (as fast as my poor 99 Miata can get to) actions!

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