Can't Sleep

It’s been 4 days since I got back from Japan/China Trip, and now I can’t sleep.
I was sleeping okay last few days, even though I was feeling the Jet lag every afternoon. Tonight (or this morning, I should say), I drift out of my sleep, and my eyes are wide open since then… It’s a little passed 5:30, and now I feel my body getting drained, and tired, but still not very sleepy.

Maybe it is because that I have a dentist appointment this morning, and I’ve never liked dentist, or any other doctors for some obvious reason… well.. it’s just a check up and cleaning, but still.

anyways, I tried to go back to sleep by closing my eyes in dark, had some warm tea, turn on a small night light… well.. none worked. Now I know today would suck, since I WILL get sleepy in the afternoon, not just because of my body clock says it’s night, but also because of the lack of sleep this night… damn…

As many people I know agree with me, it is much harder to adjust to time when you come back from Japan to the US, than when you travel from here to the Asia. Don’t know why, since the difference is almost exactly 12 hours, and it’s not gonna make that much difference for the body when night/day flips by a day forward or day back.. anyways… what I want to say is that I know I gotta go sleep and I can’t…

well… now it’s too late to go back to sleep since I gotta get up in less than an hour, and I’m not very good at the power nap..

I guess I gotta get up and have nice big breakfast before I head down to the dentist…

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