iPhone 4S Ordered

Being heavy Apple product user, and crazy about all the new technology, it may sound that I’m way behind on ordering the Apple’s new iPhone. It may be true, but to be honest, I’ve never be a big fun of buying any of the Apple’s (or almost anyone’s, actually) latest and greatest new addition. I always like to wait for a little, so that their very first batch will be cleared, and also I could read the user review.

Also, I convinced my wife to get an iPhone as well. She has been always using the simplest phone available, so that usually the size is small, and can keep in the cheapest plan as well. However, considering she’s carrying the iPod all the time, as well as phone, it makes sense to get iPhone so that she doesn’t have to carry two devices, and we.. it’s about time for her to start using smartphone… lol

When I got iPhone 3GS over 2 years ago, I needed to switch from Verizon to AT&T, and I’ve never be impressed with AT&T’s coverage. Especially once you drive into the country side of Midwest, you hardly ever get any signal, and even when you do, the voice quality is so bad, it’s useless. I’ve never experienced anything like that with Verizon. They were always superior to AT&T when it comes to the coverage around here. iPhone 4S was released from both Verizon and AT&T, but also from Sprint as well. Since I don’t use that much data while on 3G network, Sprint’s unlimited data plan did not appeal to me much, and with their poor coverage, and slow network speed reported, they were off my list very quickly. I almost made my mind to the Verizon. I do really miss the coverage and the call quality. After all, I’m getting a phone, and it’s main purpose is to make a call. However, by seeing the user review of AT&T’s faster network speed compare to the Verizon, it made the decision making harder.

So, here’s the Pros and Cons of each providers.


-Faster internet speed (not just a little, but by quite a bit)
-Offering 200MB for $15 Dataplan
-Rollover Minutes (though I’ve never used it, it’s good to have it…)
-Internet while talking (I use this a lot when I trouble shoot client over the phone)
-15% off for employee discount
-Poor Coverage (for call and data)
-Poor Call Quality
-Cannot combine my wife’s plan to mine (because of different market area…)
-My wife could only get $30 unlimited Text (they discontinued $5 250 message plan)


-Better Coverage
-MUCH Better Call quality
-Can combine my wife’s plan into my plan (we can use Family Plan 700Min shared)
-cheaper message plan available for both wife and I
-8% employee discount (combined with paperless billing)
-Much slower internet speed
-Dataplan only start at 2GB for $30
-no rollover minutes

After some research, I found that it will cost me the following for each provider
– 450 min with rollover minutes for $39 each
– $5 messaging plan for me, $30 unlimited messaging plan (or None) for my wife
– we can start with $15/200MB data plan, and then increase to $25/2GB plan if we need
– 15% discount for the voice, (and 2GB data plan later)
> About $100 (without $30 message plan) + Tax/Fees = about $115 for now
> About $114 + Tax/Fee = little over $130 w/ 2G Data

– 700 min Family Plan for both of us $69
– $5 messaging plan for both my wife and I
– $30/2GB Data plan for each of us
– 8% Discount for voice, and first line’s Messaging and Data plan
> About $130 + Tax/Fees = about $150

Considering the difference in monthly cost, I decided to go with AT&T.
On top of that, Verizon quoted my 3GS for trade in for $130, and AT&T quoted me for $170!
that’s almost pay off one of our phone…

Now, I need to look for cases and some screen protector before our phones arrive in a couple weeks!

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