For all Apple product user, I just want to share one of my treasures. It’s a website / mail-magazine where you can find deep and wide coverage of news, how-to, and troubleshooting for people who live with Apple Product.

I have been a log time member since I found the email magazine back when I was a high school student, and just got my very first private computer, Orange iMac… Since then, I’ve been a big fun of their weekly treasure box of knowledge. The e-magazine I subscribe is a Japanese version, but always access their english website for additional info, and also I love their eBooks series called “Take Control“.

Their articles are very timely, and from entry level how-to such as creating seasonal greeting card, to something a little more technical like “How to Sync iCal on Snow Leopard to iCloud (which of course, not officially supported by apple…)”. Also, their discussion boards are filled with very knowledgeable people, and you can find very helpful tips, and advices.

If you’ve never been to the site, it’s highly recommended!

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